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Welcoming the Startup Institute: Boston class of Spring '13

We're excited to meet everyone but in the meantime we thought it would be fun to put together a visualization of your class.
Eight members of the class have a first name that starts with "J" and two have a first name that starts with "Z". Two last names that start with "Z" and one with "Q". On resumes, appeared thirty six times, by far the most popular domain. Thirteen of you are in the dev track, seventeen in marketing, ten in product, and thirteen in sales.

What's in the squares?

Note: Click the question marks for info!

Each 3x3 grid below represents a member of the class. The top two rows represent the student's first and last names. In the first row, the left column represents the first letter of the first name, the middle column represents the length of the first name, and the right column is a HSL mapping for a metaphone of the first name. The second row is identical to the first except mapping the last name. In the last row, the first column represents the track the student is in and then the middle left and middle right squares are a HSL representation of the metaphone of the student's email user name and domain name (john.doe,

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